compact sewer machine for working in small areas to clear big blockagesfor clearing your main lin stoppage
for cleaning smaller drains fron 2inch in diameter to 4 inch in diameter
for clearing sink line in kitchen or restroom
                                                                            We have the equipment on each truck to cable out any drainline in your home from shower and tubs to kitchen sinks to the main sewer we are ready. Our prices are at a flat rate by the job and not by the hour and all prices for services requested will be approved by the customer before any work begins so there are no reason to worry about any unexpected prices and our of our work is guaranteed for 90 days*.
When a cable is not enough to clear your drain we have a variety of jetting machines for clearing lines from  1 1/4" up to 24" of grease, sludge, and debris, and with up to 4000 psi of power we can remove heavy roots that a cable would have difficulty removing.

jetter head 



When used with our trailer jetter our rotating nozzles can clean out the toughest clogs of grease, sludge, rust and even remove heavy root blockages from lines from two inch to twenty-four inch in diameter. 

Check out this video of a sewer that we cleaned with our jetter and our 3/8 warthog nozzle. This sewer was full of roots and because that there was no outside cleanout the line could not be cleaned with a large enough cutter on a cable to remove the roots. The customers were facing a costly sewer repair because of the roots but because we are able to clean the line for about a fourth of the cost of a repair they can now have the use of their utilities without digging up their yard.

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8940 Blackpool 63123 part 2

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8940 Blackpool 63123 part 1


 We can pinpoint any problem areas in your drain system with our electronic locators either with our built in transmitter on our inspection cameras or with a separate tape on transmitter that can be attached to a cable or jetter hose.
locate man 

SelfLevel Roll
We can televise your drain system from 3" to 12" sized lines and record to a DVD and post your video onto Youtube for your convenience. We can also email you a link so you can view your video on your computer or mobile device for immediate review. Our cameras are full color with self leveling heads (no more guessing which way is the top or bottom of the pipe) and are equipped with a built in transmitter to locate any problem spots on site.

With our safe to use smoke testing equipment we can find the source of any sewer odor leaks within your home or business.


We can also inspect lines as small as two inch in diameter with our mini camera. 
                                                                                                                         We can pump out and clean small grease traps up to 500 gallons even if it is on a upper floor in a commercial building with our portable vacuum unit.
 *ask for details. certain restrictions apply

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