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crawler video

Call us for any of you main line inspection needs. We are located just south of St. Louis and will travel out of state to handle your inspection needs. Call if you have any questions.

Our tractor camera comes complete with two separate steerable crawlers to allow us to inspect municipal sewer mains ranging in size from 6" - 72" in diameter. Both crawlers are also equipped with a built in sonde to locate any defects within the system being inspected and with a 1000' of cable we can inspect some of the harder to get to sewer systems and are powerful enough to climb over and through debris and objects that may be in the system*.

  • High resolution, color camera
  • Pan-tilt-zoom functions & 360° rotation
  • 120 times zoom (12:1 digital; 10:1 optical)
  • Auto focusing/ manual adjustment
  • In-built LED light ring
  • Anti-fogging camera lens

Our control unit captures and records your inspection in real time and saves onto a internal hard drive or to a flash drive and utilizes the most up to date P.A.C.P. software which can also be delivered via e-mail.

We are located just 20 miles south of St. Louis, MO. but we will travel out of state for your main inspection needs (travel charges may apply).

*Cleaning system may be needed for proper inspection.

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