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River City Sewer & Drain works with many home inspectors and realtors for your sewer lateral inspection needs. Our cameras record in full color and can reach lengths up to 300 feet in lines from 3 inch to 12 inch in diameter. Our camera systems record a digital file for transferring your video to a DVD and we can also post your video onto YouTube for your convenience. We can also email you a link so you can view your video on your computer or mobile device all for just $150.00.

In the case that there is blockage in the line that prevents our camera from continuing into the line we can run a cable in the line to so the job can be completed and because we do not repair any plumbing systems you can be assured that when we televise your lateral that we are not looking for a reason to dig up the line just so we can make money by selling a repair job, but when there is a defect in the sewer we can locate the line so it can be repaired.


Another advantage of using River City Sewer is that we carry Supra keys so even when schedules can not meet up we can still complete your inspection and send all information to you right away.

Here is s sample of a sewer lateral inspection

700 GUENEVERE 63011

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